Product idea

ALLRACIG品牌,品牌经营内容为开发-生产-销售遥控模型车升级强化零件,品牌成立于2016年初 品牌核心重点以用户体验为主,做到合理利润,高品质产品,优质的售前和售后。产品设计做到人性化,专业化。

AllRacing brand management content for the development - production - sales of remote control models car upgrade enhanced parts, was established in early 2016, the core concept of the product to the user experience, so that a reasonable profit, high - quality products, high - quality pre - sale and after - sales. Product design to be humane, professional.


  • 承诺与保障

    We start from the point of view of the product upgrade products, performance parts to solve the original virtual large and lack of strength of the problem, the structure to ensure that the design does not appear stress defects. Non-performance parts to lightweight design for the focus to ensure that the replacement parts to enhance the degree of beauty of the vehicle will not be due to high weight and lead to insufficient strength problems.


    For the warranty, if there are non-human local deformation or break can provide free returned service, high-end marked products to provide life-long warranty, including non-collision all the extreme use of the environment.

  • Structural thinking


    In the product structure design, our product design style as a whole sleek, smooth lines, the details of fine, as far as possible to avoid unnecessary edges and corners, in the process design, we will choose the highest precision machining accuracy of the manufacturing program, Integration, can use the one-piece processing will not use the split processing, for CNC processing program design, we will use high-precision small folder less placed flat processing methods, can not process the area using high-precision high-cost surface Walking process to ensure processing quality.

  • Appearance



    In the appearance of the product, we collaborate with high standards of surface treatment plant to ensure that the quality of treatment and color effects, aluminum products are used oxidation surface treatment process, bright colors and beautiful and long-term use will not fade and fall off. Due to the product of the integrated structure and less clamping the processing mode, part of the region will appear more beautiful with a mechanical sense of the surface processing lines, parts of the overall appearance of convergence more smooth.

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